Conditions de Vente



a) Customer declares that subject (subjects) listed and described in the reverse side of this contract is (are) his personal and unreserved property. Customer is obliged to prove his identity.

b) Mediator declares that he took over the subject(s) by point a)


a) Mediator is also obliged to offer the subject(s) for sale in form of auction sale within the agreed time and agreed reserve price.

b) In case of sale the customer is paid the achieved price less the mediator fee (hereinafter referred to as the author´s price). The mediator fee is as follows:

10% from the achieved price for works with a starting price of 50,000 CZK,
15% from the achieved price for works with a starting price of 10.000 CZK up to 50.000 CZK inclusive
20% from the achieved price for works with a starting price up to 10.000 CZK inclusive (unless otherwise agreed).

c) If the subject is paid by credit card (check), the author´s price will be paid after the amount is credited to a bank account of the mediator.

d) The mediator reserves the right to withdraw the work from the auction (mart withdraws from the contract only due to serious factual reasons, for example a suspect that it is a forgery or the work is seized by the Police as evidence, etc.)

e) In case the customer withdraws from the contract, he is charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed starting price. (The work is described and photographed for printed catalogue, as well as for the on-line version, or for any other type of advertising after the contract is signed. It generates the costs that must be covered in case of cancellation).


a) If the subject is not sold in auction, the subject will be offered at a starting price and then stored for free for 3 months.

b) After this time, the customer shall accept the goods from the mediator and pay a handling fee of CZK 50 for each unsold subject listed and described on the reverse side of this contract.

c) The service fee will be charged:     YES        NO          *) delete as appropriate

d) If he does not take it over, he will be charged 0.5% of the starting price for each additional day after this period of storage.

e) Because of removal it is necessary to inform the mediator min. 2 working days in advance about the pick up date of unsold work.                             

f) If the cost of storage under Article III, paragraph d) exceeds the author's cost, the subject(s) automatically goes to the property of mediator.


a) Mediator has the right, without the consent of the customer, to present the subject(s) at his own expense for the assessment of an expert or experts.


a) By taking the subject(s) mediator assumes responsibility for damage or loss of subject(s), up to the author's price.


a) Mediator undertakes that, except for authorized state bodies will not communicate to anyone the name of customer, even after the expiry of the contract.


a) The contracting parties affirm that the agreement concluded on the basis of their true, free and serious will and that they understand its contents.